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Spa Packages for Ultimate Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Signature Treatment - 90 mints
₹3500 only

Our Signature Massage designed European body massage technique uses soothing, relaxing strokes to increase circulation and ease muscle tension, to help you achieve total relaxation n conclusion, 90-minute massage offers more time to focus on specific areas, deeper relaxation, more time to address multiple issues, and an enhanced experience overall

Aromatherapy Massage - 60/90 mints
₹3500 only

Quieten your mind, nourish your skin and release tension with this deeply relaxing aromatherapy treatment, using the finest quality aromatherapy oils to relax, detoxify or energize, depending on your needs.

Hot Stone Massage - 60/90 mints
₹3500 only

HOT STONE Warmed, smooth stones are used to enhance deep relaxation and physical renewal in this unique massage. .Not recommended for guests who are pregnant.

Reflexology - 30/90 Mints
₹2000 only

Using an integrative method of Reflexology, the therapist uses a whole-hand technique that works with the body meridians, opening pathways for better circulation and stimulating the bottom of your feet to promote a calming effect to the whole body, mind, and spirit. This service also begins with a gentle exfoliation of the lower legs and feet.

Exotic Fruits Body Polish - 30 Mints
₹3000 only

Reveal softened skin with the renewing enzymes in this full-body. Fruits body brush exfoliation, While cocooned in your pumpkin soufflé, let go of all tension with a soothing scalp massage. A light body massage application of whipped spice butter completes the experience.

Heat Mud Clay Wrap - 45 Mints
₹2000 only

Heat Mud clay is hydrating, anti-aging body wrap will cocoon you in the soft scent of the Cuban classic lime and mint. Relax in a warm cocoon while a gentle face and scalp massage is enjoyed

Hair Care Sugandha Treatment for Hair Dry, Thin and Dull Hair - 60 mints
₹2500 only

Herbal pack application along with Ayurveda oil massage and steam for head., Hibiscus are used to reduce hair fall. This can be combined differently for hair fall along with grey hairs as well as dandruff.

Royal Bliss LADIES SPA Package - 120 mints
₹5500 (Includes Facial)

Discover our seasonal spa treatments that include Hair spa , facials, body treatments, and massages, all designed to refresh, and rejuvenate your skin with luxurious aromas of the seasons. Choose a single treatment or indulge in one of our seasonal spa day packages 120 mints

Deep Tissue Massage - 60/90 mints
₹3500 only

Used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension, this massage uses slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction usually on a focused problem area. The movements are directed across the grain of the muscles (cross-fiber). This is applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers of the muscle than the Massage

Swedish Massage - 60/90 mints
₹4000 only

Swedish massage is a luxurious massage technique that melts the muscles and the mind. The best-known and most popular type of massage, Swedish massage therapy features long fluid strokes with varying levels of pressure to relax the entire body. Experience hands-down the Best massage for spa

Fitness Treatment
7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days, 28 Days

Getting older and still not aging: With the Body Immunisation Package we come very close to this wish. The focus is on the knowledge of the Rasayanas. These are primarily rejuvenating remedies. The treatment leads to a transformation of the body tissue (dhatus) and counteracts negative influences.

Skin Purification Scrub - 30 Mints
₹2000 only

Gentle scrub that utilizes strawberry seeds and pumice for exfoliation followed by our signature Strawberry Parfait Moisturizer.

Exotic Pomegranate Body Wrap - 45 Mints
₹2000 only

This luxurious treatment begins with a gentle olive grain & Pomegranate chocolate mandarin exfoliation, followed by a deeply nourishing and hydrating receive a de-stressing scalp massage, and foot massage,

Ayur Care Marma massage - 60/90 mints
₹3000 only

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian alternative medicine system that has a long, rich history of use. Under Ayurvedic medicine, it’s believed that the five elements of the world have a huge impact on a person’s health.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 60/90 mints
₹2000 only

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), is a gentle massage technique designed to promote the natural circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining immune function, removing waste products, and reducing fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage massage aims to support these functions by encouraging the proper flow of lymph.

Jetlag with Steam Bath - 30/60 mints
₹2500 only

Using a steam room can improve circulation, reduce sinus congestion, and aid muscular recovery from exercise.

Weight loss Package
14 Days, 21 Days, 28 Days

Losing weight, feeling freer and more comfortable as well as prevent the harmful effects that can occur due to overweight – these are the goals of this special Ayurvedic treatment. Traditional medicinal herbs play a central role in this treatment: they unfold their effect in powder massages, oils, steam baths and medicines. Individual and varied nutrition supports the treatment.

Sea Salt Body Scrub - 30 Mints
₹2000 only

Sea salt sugar lime scrub with the infamous Cuban twist is an invigorating and exfoliating tropical body experience.

Hand & Feet Body Polish - 30 Mints
₹1300 only

Hand & feet body polish Revive the skin and the senses with this invigorating exfoliation. Start with a peppermint sugar scrub and finish the softening with an uplifting peppermint moisturizer application.