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At NUSHIE, we're dedicated to your holistic wellness. Our expert team combines timeless beauty traditions with cutting-edge techniques to create an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. With a deep commitment to natural, organic skincare, we empower you to embrace your inner radiance. Come, experience the perfect blend of science, nature, and tranquility at Nushie. Your journey to beauty and well-being begins here.


Organic Skin Care

Discover pure beauty with our organic skincare. Nourish, rejuvenate, and glow naturally.

Our Story

Where Beauty Meets Science

NUSHIE was born from a passionate belief in the power of holistic wellness and the science of skincare. With years of experience and a dedication to beauty as both an art and a science, our team embarked on a mission to create a spa like no other in Calicut.


Our Expert Team

At Nushie, the cornerstone of every opulent treatment and transformative experience is our team of highly skilled therapists. They are meticulously selected for their profound expertise and unswerving devotion to the art of wellness. Beyond mere practitioners, they are true artists, sculpting a serene and rejuvenating experience for every guest. With each therapist, you are embarking on a personalized voyage towards tranquility and revitalization. Their unwavering commitment mirrors our dedication to providing you with an oasis of relaxation and beauty at Nushie, ensuring that every visit is a memorable and deeply nourishing experience.